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Our Company Strength

Shital Cargo Movers always provide a full itemization of a customer's belongings. As we load the van, our supervisor will note the condition of each & every your items. Your approval is necessary to make sure his description is accurate. If you disagree with any appraisal, please mark it down on your Inventory List. Once you sign on it, we are on our way to new destination. Your management of this checklist keeps us accountable and saves you money in the long run.
  • Packing
    Under the supervision of one or more supervisor along with skilled logistics co. with sufficient packing material will step at your house and finish the packing as per your schedule.
  • Booking
    Okay, you are ready to move, where do you start?

    Call us and we will send a Field Officer to your house to provide you with a free estimate. The Field officer would take a survey of your possessions and the details of your destination. Depending on the move size an estimate would be prepared on the number of vans, packaging, material and insurance required. The Field Officer will also provide you with any additional information which will be required during the relocation process. Once you receive your estimate, you may inform the Field Officer to plan your move. The Field Officer would then provide you with the schedule for packaging to the final destination.
    • Safety Features

    • >> No transshipment: The goods inside the truck are not shifted at any point of time. The goods shall be delivered with the same vehicle which is loaded at your house.
    • >> Stand by trucks stationed at various locations always prepared to handle exigencies.
    • >> Security supervisors at various locations always prepared to handle exigencies.
    • >> Total protection from rain/dust/sun/water/pilferage.
    • >> Packing with international quality material and techniques on individual Items.
    • >> Total risk-free insurance cover.